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The Financial Brand: What One Community Bank Learned Through the COVID Pandemic

How can financial institutions reap experience in resilience from the coronavirus crisis? Assess things honestly and build on what worked.

Small banks try to move into fintech's fast lane

By Hilary BurnsPublished June 26 2018, 12∶21pm EDT Nbkc bank wanted a front-row seat to innovation. To get that, the Kansas City, Mo., company took an unusual step for a community bank — creating its own fintech accelerator with help from a local partner. After months of work, the $619 million-asset company began accepting applications last week for the program called Fountain City Fintech. Executives hope to bring five fintech companies to Kansas City in October for a 75-day program. “If we could take a number of these companies and put them in a pressure cooker, then we could really create a lot of value for entrepreneurs, for Kansas City and for nbkc bank,” said Zach Pettet, managing director of Fountain City Fintech. “We saw that opportunity and figured, ‘Well we are not going to see if there is any value there unless we try it.’ ” A number of larger institutions, including Silicon Valley Bank, Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase, have launched their own accelerator programs to help foster fintech developments.This trend could pick up for smaller institutions, which are becoming more interested in partnering with upstart technology firms. “I just think this is what banking is going to start looking like going forward,” said Kevin Tweddle, leader of innovation and financial technology with the Independent Community Bankers of America. Tweddle added that the trade group is considering co-designing an accelerator program for community banks. Fountain City Fintech is not the first time nbkc has taken a page out of larger institutions' playbooks when it comes to fintech. Nbkc recently participated in a $16 million investment in Greenlight Financial Technology. Now management is hopeful a startup accelerator could enhance its brand as an innovative company, and provide an opportunity to access new products from an early stage. "They are going to have first-mover advantage to some really great capabilities," said Christine Barry, senior analyst with Aite Group. Other community banks experimenting with accelerator programs include First Federal Lakewood, a $1.7 billion-asset mutual in Ohio, which helped start an accelerator based in its home state last year with regional players, Fifth Third Bancorp, Huntington Bancshares and KeyCorp, and several other partners. Eastern Bank in Boston is also partnering with the MassChallenge FinTech, a new initiative for the accelerator program. “Banks, regardless of size, have little choice but to start to look more at the fintech market,” Barry said. “A lot of smaller banks have been slower to do so, but any bank that wants to remain competitive either has to form these types of partnerships or put pressure on their core banking vendors to form some of these partnerships.” While not all small banks have the resources or manpower to invest in new accelerator programs, many are learning from established accelerators. Last week 17 community bankers visited the Venture Center’s FinTech Accelerator in Little Rock, Ark., which is sponsored by FIS. Wayne Miller, managing director of the FinTech Accelerator, said the community bankers spent part of the visit with fintech founders, discussing their products and the problems they are solving. “Having a great partner like the Venture Center to demonstrate relevant solutions to them, and having an institution like FIS behind the [startups] that is going to infuse necessary resources, should they be successful in producing something relevant, can help them get to market faster,” Miller said. Rather than formally working with an accelerator program, some institutions, such as Lead Bank in Garden City, Mo., and HarborOne in Brockton, Mass., have found other ways to foster young companies. HarborOne Bank connected with Boston’s entrepreneurial community by hosting its third annual pitch contest for local entrepreneurs earlier this month. The program, which also helped the $2.7 billion-asset bank fulfill Community Reinvestment Act requirements, has grown in scope each year, receiving more applications and distributing more prize money, said Maureen Wilkinson, the bank’s vice president of community education. This year the winner received $5,000, double the amount awarded in 2016. Next year the bank has said the winner would receive $10,000. “Over the years of doing this, the caliber of applications has strengthened, the reach has widened and it’s helped our brand and our business,” Wilkinson said. On a similar note, Lead Bank and Citizens Bank of Edmond in Oklahoma provide office space to entrepreneurs. “We are truly trying to put our money where our mouth is when we say we support small businesses and entrepreneurs in Kansas City by giving them a great location and office space,” Melissa Beltrame, Lead Bank’s director of marketing, said in a recent interview. In Boston, the $11.1 billion-asset Eastern Bank plans to give MassChallenge FinTech participants a business challenge to work through that could potentially lead to new products and services for the mutual. The partnership gives Eastern access to startups that have been vetted by MassChallenge. “We recognize the importance of small businesses to our local economy and this is a natural way to support them through a program that will also add new momentum to how we think about our customer experience,” Eastern chairman and CEO Bob Rivers said in a press release about the partnership. Nbkc hopes its accelerator leads to meaningful partnerships and the potential for future revenue. The bank will invest $50,000 in each of the five participating startups, in exchange for an equity stake. The size of the equity stake would be determined on an individual basis, Pettet said. The program will also include mentoring and educational resources from community and nonprofit partners. Eric Garretson, nbkc's chief financial officer, said the bank told its regulators about its plans early, since investing in startups is outside the typical realm of community bank activity. “Collectively [regulators] know it’s a hot topic and they know banks are talking about doing it,” Garretson said. “I think they are in a fact-finding mode to understand how it fits into a bank’s strategy, as well as, how does it fit into regulations?” Originally published on American Banker.

Maximillian Howell - Founder and CEO, Entrepreneurs Enterprises

If you ever feel like your problems are too big to overcome, remember Maximillian Howell.“I was pretty much responsible for myself by the age of 10, moving from house to house, relying on my friends’ families to take me in.”That kind of childhood could lead to pessimism, but Max sees nothing but possibilities and feels nothing but hope.“Even in my darkest moments, my mentality has always been that it’s okay. I’ll get through this. The word ‘can’t’ has never been part of my vocabulary.”At an early age Max knew that making his way in the world was a solo job, and he took it seriously. He finished college with degrees in manufacturing engineering and engineering management, and earned a position with Sprint. That’s when something happened to fuel his entrepreneurial spirit.“I had a mentor at Sprint who was suddenly laid off, and it was devastating for him. I remember thinking that I couldn’t let that happen to me. I had to take charge of my own destiny.”That’s exactly what Max set out to do. He switched his focus from telecommunications to his original passion: construction. Laying the foundation for his business, Entrepreneurs Enterprises, took every minute he had.“For a long time I was easily putting in 15-hour days working for Sprint and moonlighting to get my business started at the same time.”By 2008, he thought he was ready to leave Sprint and officially open his doors. But he soon realized that he’d jumped the gun.“I took my severance package and used it to start my construction business. I was so excited and ready to make money. The problem was, I couldn’t make it fast enough. So I had to take a salaried job with a software development company to make ends meet and go back to building my business on the side.”In 2013, Max relaunched his company with more determination than ever. He needed every bit of it.“I took some very hard financial hits with projects. Cash flow had me up against the wall. I remember a period of about three days when I was waiting for a big check that was critical to my survival. I had maxed-out credit cards and had a half-dozen employees to pay. That check finally came through, and I put the whole situation under a microscope to learn from it. I became a better project manager and more capable business owner as a result.”These learning experiences gave him confidence and underscored his singular ability to persevere. Hanging in there would soon pay off.When the going gets tough, that’s when you learn the most.“We started working with the city of Kansas City, Missouri, on a couple of residential projects in the city’s urban core. The contract the city offered didn’t draw much interest from market-rate builders because those geographical areas didn’t seem to offer much potential.”Those first projects were hard work, but Max loved the purpose behind them. He insisted on high-quality materials and focused on energy efficiencies to send a message.“Those structures are built to last. They became a symbol of what we can do as a company. People were dumbfounded at what they saw. It was totally unexpected in these neighborhoods. It started convincing people that revitalization is possible in areas like 22nd and Brooklyn.”A couple of housing projects opened the door to a few more. Five years later, Entrepreneurs Enterprises is working on its 10th residential project in Kansas City’s urban core. The company’s efforts now stretch across the urban core and beyond.“We’ve uncovered a nugget and proved that the urban core is a place to build – not avoid. We’ve helped draw interest to an area that had none. And our work there has helped us win projects in other areas.”Max credits Lead Bank’s “For Change” initiative and its partnership with the city of Kansas City, Missouri, as critical to his success. Through “For Change,” Lead Bank provides loans and other support to small businesses committed to creating innovative solutions through government contracts.“If it wasn’t for Lead Bank’s support through the ‘For Change’ initiative, my company wouldn’t be making the difference it is now. We were ignored by so many banks before we found Lead Bank. They believed in our vision for developing homes in the urban core and then expanding to commercial construction there. They know my company. They know our names.”Max encourages anyone facing challenges in life or in business to learn to appreciate the education that comes with difficulty.“When the going gets tough, that’s when you learn the most. Be positive, because hardship gives you the strength and the knowledge you need to succeed.”Success comes in many forms for Max. He sees it in the way the local community has responded to his investment in their neighborhoods, and in the way people now see Entrepreneurs Enterprises as an icon for revitalization.“It’s not enough to build these homes. People have to be willing to live in them and give the urban core a chance. Those people are the real heroes here – I’m just doing my part. I’m so happy that my company now has the potential to create momentum that other companies will join to improve the community we share.”For Max, the words grow home translate to a special responsibility that local business owners share in taking care of their hometown.“We are a collective force for moving our community forward. We are the net that supports everything meaningful, from our economy to our culture.”Max has come a long way from humble beginnings, and he believes his hometown has come a long way, too.“Kansas City is like no other place, and now it’s really taking off. It hasn’t yet reached its potential and has lots of room to grow. You could say it’s in its youth and the future is full of hope.”And if there’s one thing Max Howell knows about, it’s hope.

Kansas City, Live! Green Chili Invasion coming to a Chuy's near you! #GreenChiliFest in KC

Kansas City Live spotlights the people, places, trends and local attractions that make KC such a great place to live.

SimplyKC Magazine: Kansas Roots with Local Artist Jan Schoonover

Words by Julie Burton / Photos by Jami Marshall

KSHB 41: New luxury apartments coming to 20th and Main Street in KCMO

The northeast corner of 20th and Main Street in Kansas City, Missouri will look a lot different in the coming months.

CityScene KC: City Club Apartments Kick Off, First Residents Expected Next Fall

By Kevin Collison The City Club Apartments project at 20th and Main formally broke ground this week, and developers believe there’s a robust appetite for the kind of upscale units it will bri…

Lead Bank's Rowland wins regional Community Banker of the Year - Kansas City Business Journal

The Independent Community Bankers of America named a Kansas City-area banker as its 2018 Community Banker of the Year award-winner in the central region.

Chuy's Tex-Mex Opens New Location in Overland Park. Did your four-legged friend make the dog wall?

Chuy’s, the Austin-based Tex-Mex restaurant known for their authentic, fresh food and eclectic design, has opened their third location in the Kansas City Metropolitan area. The new location is located at 135th Street and Metcalf Avenue at the Deer Creek Marketplace shopping area. The Overland Park restaurant joins two local Chuy’s at the Country Club Plaza and in Olathe, KS. To celebrate, Chuy’s will donate $1.00 to the Supporting Kids Foundation for each Facebook check-in during the first week of business.Founded in Austin, Texas in 1982, Chuy’s offers a unique dining experience including made from scratch Tex-Mex recipes and authentic dishes created with hand-rolled tortillas made fresh all day on a traditional comal in the dining room. The recipes come from New Mexico,the Rio Grande Valley, Mexican border towns, South Texas, Austin, and beyond. Customer favorites include Stuffed Chile Rellenos, Chicka-Chicka-Boom-Boom Enchiladas and Chuy’s Famous Big As Yo’ Face Burritos. The eatery is known for its funky décor, in fact, the Chuy’s motto is “If you’ve seen one Chuy’s, you’ve seen one Chuy’s!” because each restaurant’s décor is unique, and no two restaurants are the same.“We’re very excited to be expanding our made-from-scratch Tex-Mex even further,” said Jake Bloom, local owner and operator for the new Chuy’s. “Overland Park is an ideal area for Chuy's – the community here is hungry for a new and fun place to dine and drink with friends and family,” Jake added. The Overland Park location will have a private dining room that can be reserved for large parties with seating for up to 80. The one-of-a-kind Happy Hour at Chuy’s will be offered Monday through Friday from 4PM to 7PM – featuring a variety a drink specials including margaritas made with fresh-squeezed lime juice and hand shaken Texas martinis. Along with the large selection of drinks, Chuy’s will serve up the best Happy Hour deal in town, their famous Fully-Loaded Nacho Car; a free, unlimited, build-your-own nacho station housed in the trunk of a vintage car loaded with fresh chips, salsa, queso, ground beef and more.Known for its funky décor, Chuy’s signature look includes a custom Elvis Shrine, metal palm trees, a hubcap-covered ceiling, the La Chihuahua Bar showcasing local’s dog photos, and a school of hand-carved wooden fish "swimming" through the restaurant. Each location has its own unique story. The Chuy’s motto is “If you’ve seen one Chuy’s, you’ve seen one Chuy’s!” – because no two restaurants are the same. Chuy’s Overland Park is located at 6700 W 135th Street, Overland Park, KS 66223. The hours of operation will be Sunday – Thursday from 11AM – 10PM; and Friday – Saturday from 11AM – 11PM. Social Media: Facebook: and images available upon request.   About Chuy’sFounded in Austin, Texas, in 1982, Chuy’s serves authentic, affordable Tex-Mex fare made to order from fresh ingredients in an atmosphere full of fun and attitude. Chuy’s has earned the reputation across Texas and throughout the Southeast for being the most fun and friendly spot to enjoy real Tex-Mex food at a great price. For further information about Chuy’s, visit: 

Imaging for Women || Practicing Patient-centered Mammography on Fox 4

“Patient-centered care” is a popular term among those in the healthcare industry in the 21st century. It means the patient is part of their own healthcare team helping to make decisions, and they are made as comfortable as possible throughout the process. Vendors are starting to adopt this approach for mammography, arguably the most critical tool for detecting breast cancer.

50 Units of Supportive Housing Approved for Development in Midtown Kansas City

SAVE, Inc., a leader in providing comprehensive housing solutions to socially and medically disadvantaged people, along with the Vecino Group, a supportive housing developer, together, have been given the green light to develop a 50-unit affordable, permanent-supportive housing community in Midtown Kansas City at 31st and Harrison Street, one block off the Troost Corridor. Alhaven will be a single, four-story building with 50 housing units; 12 studio apartments, 27, one-bedroom apartments and 11, two-bedroom apartments each complete with a kitchen, washer, and dryer. 25% of these units will be set aside for young adults, ages 18-25 that have a diagnosis of HIV or AIDS. To date, there are no supportive housing solutions in the greater Kansas City area serving young adults with HIV/AIDS. While many people think homelessness resonates the same way regardless of age, youth or "street youth" homelessness is distinctly different from adult homelessness. The causes and consequences are diverse and so is how interventions are acknowledged and implemented.  “We are very excited to be able to provide 50 new units of affordable housing to our Midtown Kansas City campus and more importantly, to the youth in our community. This project will help to continue our 32-year history of serving the City's most vulnerable citizens through stable housing and supportive services. Alhaven is a perfect complement to our existing facilities and programs. We're grateful to be working with the Vecino Group to make our dream a reality," said CEO of Save, Inc. Blaine Proctor. Onsite medical services will be provided in collaboration with community partners. Youth aging out of foster care and youth without a permanent place to call home is the fastest rising homeless population. In addition, young adults living in homelessness are more likely to contract HIV through unsafe sex and needle sharing. They often combat homelessness by practicing “survival” methods just to have a couch to sleep on or to provide “rent” in order to stay in an abandoned building. This population is seeing an increase in the HIV diagnosis and are more than likely to fall out of treatment once diagnosed proposing a risk to others.  According to a study conducted by the University of Chicago during 2016-2017, one in ten youth between the ages of 18 and 25 experienced homelessness within the previous year. With the development of Alhaven and the partnership between Save Inc. and the Vecino Group, they will be able to combine affordable housing and onsite medical services and will set a standard for best practice methods of addressing this pivotal issue.  About SAVE, Inc.SAVE, Inc. was founded in 1986 by courageous volunteers who recognized the dire need to provide AIDS victims who had lost their homes, a place to die with dignity. With few resources and a firm belief in the need to help others, these volunteers established SAVE Home in midtown Kansas City, the first AIDS-specific hospice in the state of Missouri. What began 30 years ago as a mere 8-bedroom hospice, SAVE Inc. has since expanded its campus to include seven residential buildings making up 66 units, and to providing housing and housing solutions to over 900 households every month in 15 counties on both sides of the state line. Because of these efforts, SAVE Inc. has become the largest processor of tenant-based rental assistance vouchers in Missouri. SAVE Inc. has expanded its mission to include people with a dual diagnosis of homelessness, poverty, serious and persistent mental illness, substance abuse disorders, and/or HIV/AIDS. For more information, please visit About The Vecino GroupThe Vecino Group, LLC is a company focused on development for the greater good. Each project the company undertakes must address a broader community need, set an example, give back to the community, and inspire the professionals working on it with a greater sense of purpose. Based in Missouri, the Vecino Group is currently working in 11 States, and has completed more than 1,500,000 square feet of development.

Kansas City bank is first with women-majority board - Kansas City Business Journal

For the first time, Kansas City has a bank with a board that is majority controlled by women.

Sensitive Santa makes Christmas magic for all kids at Zona Rosa: KCTV5

Sensitive Santa makes kids with sensory disabilities feel comfortable.

Sensitive Santa offers unique experience for kids with sensory needs at Zona Rosa: FOX4

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Some metro families of kids with disabilities have some new and special Christmas memories thanks to an all inclusive holiday event. Zona Rosa offered a chance for kids with disabilities and sensory impairments to experience Santa in their own way with Sensitive Santa. For those who need some extra time and care, to kids who find the normal Santa sit-down overwhelming the shopping center turned down the music and dimmed the lights.

A patient-assisted compression remote control device is making patients active participants in their mammograms

When it comes to fighting breast cancer, mammograms are often considered the first line of defense. Many medical association guidelines, such as the American Cancer Society, recommend that women between 40 and 50 years of age start receiving regular breast cancer screenings every 1 to 3 years. While significant advancements have been made in breast imaging technology, one aspect of mammography has stayed the same: the need for breast compression. And for many women, the number one reason they don´t schedule a mammogram is because of the fear and anxiety from the potential result and exam discomfort[1]. The screening compliance rate has been shown to be lower in women who experienced pain during their mammogram compared to those who did not[2]. A choice to not get a mammogram can delay a breast cancer diagnosis and impact a patient’s long-term prognosis, as finding breast cancer early reduces a woman’s risk of dying from the disease by 25-30 percent or more[3].“I stayed in my vehicle for about five minutes before walking into the building because I dreaded coming in to use the machine,” said Peggy, a mammography screening patient at Imaging for Women, an imaging center in Kansas City, MO. That’s why a team of female engineers and designers came together to design new mammography technology they would want to be scanned on using their unique insights as patients. Senographe Pristina* features the option for patients to use an industry-first patient-assisted compression remote control device, called Pristina Dueta*, to enable the patient, under the guidance of a technologist, to set the compression that feels right for her during her mammogram.  A recent study conducted by  Imaging for Women on the Senographe Pristina evaluated the impact of patient-assisted compression on image quality, compression force, workflow and patient satisfaction during a mammogram.  The site compared the compression force applied to each patient who used Dueta in 2018 with the force in the same patient when they underwent traditional mammography in 2017, before Dueta was implemented.  “By allowing patients to control the compression, we are seeing that 65 percent of the patients who use the Dueta are giving us greater compression than in their previous exam,” said Dr. Troy D. Voeltz, M.D, a radiologist at the site. Staff members explained to each patient the benefits of Dueta and provided the instructions on how to use it. They then positioned the breast and set initial compression for the patient. The patient finalized compression with Dueta.  The study included 1,814 patients, and 1,148 of those patients achieved higher compression than the previous year. The change in workflow had no negative impact on productivity as Dueta does not add extra time to the exam. “[The technologist] said that typically you can handle more of the compression if you’re doing it yourself,” said Debbi, a patient at Imaging for Women. “I found that to be true, absolutely.” When Brenda, another patient at Imaging for Women, started getting mammograms, she said they were painful. But using the patient-assisted compression device was different for her. “I knew how tight it was going to get instead of waiting to see how tight it was going to get,” she said. “The technologist said I compressed further than they did last year. I went to a 12 and only did a 7 last year.” Indeed, Peggy said she knew what to expect using the Dueta. “I just pushed the remote and it made me feel good,” she said. “At least now, women have more control of the testing, whereas in the past you never had that control. It restored my faith. And I will come back.” Higher compression during mammography can also lead to better image quality by reducing tissue superposition, X-ray scatter, dose and motion[1]. Staff members at Imaging for Women saw that patient-assisted compression had a positive impact on image quality.  “When the patient controls her own compression, she actually relaxes more during positioning,” said Ronna J. Rowe, a technologist at Imaging for Women. “This allows me to pull even more tissue into the image. This is an added bonus to using the Dueta.” Dr. Voeltz agrees. “If a patient fears the compression, it may hinder her return on an annual basis,” he said. “By putting the compression in the hands of the patient we are seeing greater results, and the patients are telling us they will return annually for their exams.”Senographe Pristina and Pristina Dueta may not be available in all geographies. Consult your doctor for more information.*Senographe Pristina and Pristina Dueta are trademarks of General Electric Company[1] Aro, A., de Koning, H., Absetz, P., Schreck, M. (2001). Two distinct groups of non-attendees in an organized screening mammography program. Breast Cancer Research and Treatment. 70(2):145-153.[1] Whelehan, P.,Evans, A., Wells. M., MacGillivray, S. (2013). The effect of mammography painon repeat participation in breast cancer screening: A systematic review. The Breast 22 (2013). pp 389-394 Available at: http://cochranelibrary-[1] GE Healthcare: GE Healthcare is the $19 billion healthcare business of GE (NYSE: GE). As a leading provider of medical imaging, monitoring, biomanufacturing, and cell and gene therapy technologies, GE Healthcare enables precision health in diagnostics, therapeutics and monitoring through intelligent devices, data analytics, applications and services. With over 100 years of experience in the healthcare industry and more than 50,000 employees globally, the company helps improve outcomes more efficiently for patients, healthcare providers, researchers and life sciences companies around the world. Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and The Pulse for latest news, or visit our website for more information.  This information is property of GE Healthcare.Media Contact:Liza +1 617-872-1214

Morganite and diamonds never disappoint. Say "I love you" this Christmas with a special gift from the new Diamonds Direct in Leawood, Kansas.

1,014 Likes, 20 Comments - Diamonds Direct (@diamondsdirect) on Instagram: “Morganite and diamonds are a match made on Pinterest.😉 Drop a hint and tag your beau below if one…”

Leap Hospitality: Cool clients with cool vibes. Recruiting for national brands keeps us on our toes. Wendy’s is always looking good people to add to their…”

15 Likes, 0 Comments - Leap Hospitality (@leaphospitality) on Instagram: “Cool clients with cool vibes. ✨ Recruiting for national brands keeps us on our toes. Wendy’s is…”

ABC News: Check out these 24K gold-covered chicken wings at The Ainsworth Kansas City

Just in time for football season, Will Ganss drops by with some Instagram-worthy, 24-karat gold-covered chicken wings courtesy of our friends The Ainsworth in New York City.

Fintech in focus: Kansas City advances innovation in banking -

Within the past couple of years, innovations in “fintech” have taken international banking and technology industries by storm. Kansas City is no exception.

Visit KC is talkin' tacos and margaritas with Chuy's Tex-Mex

Chuy's serves the most authentic Tex-Mex in Kansas City in an eclectic restaurant full of color and personality located in the heart of historical Country Club Plaza. The menu offers family recipes from south Texas, New Mexico and Mexican border towns, all made to order from the freshest ingredients. Chuy's has the reputation as the most fun and friendly spot in Kansas City to eat real Tex-Mex at a great price.

Chuy's will open Overland Park location near 135th and Metcalf - Kansas City Business Journal

Chuy's first entered the Kansas City market in 2013. Within a year, the fast-growing Tex-Mex chain was actively seeking a location near 135th Street and Metcalf Avenue. Four years later, it will open its first Overland Park location.

We're celebrating National Margarita Day with Chuy’s on KSHB

Chile con queso, "burritos as big as your face, and their famous chips and salsa are just a few of Chuy's staple menu items!

Kansas City's Lead Bank is first with women-majority boardKansas City Business Journal

For the first time, Kansas City has a bank with a board that is majority controlled by women.

Imaging for Women: New technology transoms breast cancer screening in Kansas City. KSHB

New technology in breast imaging is making screening faster and less painful.

Imaging for Women co-founder honored by Royals

KANSAS CITY — Mark Malley sat in the Buck O’Neil Legacy Seat May 25, at the Kansas City Royals game. The doctor was honored in the seat for his outstanding

Lead Bank CEO Josh Rowland launches leadership You Tube series. Lead a culture of CELEBRATION: Recognize shared prosperity

Lead Bank’s CEO, Josh Rowland gives his perspective on leadership and values in an enterprise.

My Fintech Mag: Recent Technology Trends Across Industry Verticals | Fintech

Banks and other fundamental, traditional financial institutions do not adequately serve the total need for quality, affordable financial services in the US.

Wall Street Journal: Frustrated by the Tech Industry, Small Banks Start to Rebel #fintech #banking

Small lenders are struggling to keep up with big banks’ flashy tech offerings, so they turn to service providers for help. But many are pushing back against what they view as onerous contracts and mediocre digital offerings.

Stories - Thinking Bigger

Entrepreneurs and business owners come in all shapes and sizes — they have different backgrounds, different aspirations and they work in all sorts of industries and spaces.

Art students use 1,500-pound steamroller to flatten, finish projects in downtown KC

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Students at one metro school are proving to be a smash success. Pedestrians in downtown Kansas City saw what all the smashing was about Friday morning, as students from the Kansas City Art Institute used some heavyweight help to finish their projects, which are now flat-out perfect.

Imaging for Women: Bringing Compassion to Screenings

Written by T.E. Cunningham  /  Photos by Jami Marshall When Dr. Malley founded Imaging for Women, the average woman in the Kansas City northland waited nearly six weeks to get screened.  That statistic is what drove Dr. Malley’s decision to focus his practice on women’s

Fintech in focus: Kansas City advances innovation in banking - Thinking Bigger

Within the past couple of years, innovations in “fintech” have taken international banking and technology industries by storm. Kansas City is no exception.

Sensitive Santas help autistic kids find the spirit of the season

Kansas City Star: Mega guide to summer festivals around Kansas City

As always, this summer in the Kansas City area will be filled from stem to stern with festivals: community, county, ethnic and other traditional events. Here’s our mega guide for 2019.

KCUR Radio: Free And Cheap Things To Do In Kansas City This Memorial Day And Beyond

Whether money’s tight or you have more moolah than you need, why pay more for your go-and-do than you have to?

Northland Senior-living complex's $13M renovation will take it way upmarket

The Grand Royale, a high-end senior-living facility, is set to open in Gladstone on Aug. 1. With a 1920s-inspired aesthetic, the 150,000-square- foot facility will offer a full continuum of care, luxury amenities and three types of membership. Located at 2900 NE Kendallwood Parkway, the 105-unit facility is shaped like an old-school wheel with the "spokes" supporting 34 independent- living suites, which will open in August, followed by 43 assisted-living and 28 skilled-living units that will open by the end of the year. Although this is Nashville-based Urbane Healthcare's first property in Missouri, it operates a similar senior-living facility called The Farms at Puryear in Tennessee. Previously known as Woodbine Healthcare & Rehab Center, the facility is undergoing a $13 million renovation. Urbane Healthcare CEO Daniel Stockdale said the former nursing home's one-level spoke and wheel design, which maximizes the number of private terraces and promotes resident safety, appealed to the company. "We're actually looking to implement this exact architectural structure on other properties from the ground up," Stockdale said, adding, that the "company is looking at expanding all over the United States." Check out the attached photo gallery to see some renderings of the high- end, senior-living facilities amenities. The facility offers three all-inclusive membership levels that start at: $3,000 per month for silver, $5,000 for gold and $10,000 for diamond. The diamond package includes all gold-level amenities, like an Apple watch provided for individualized care and a free monthly facial or massage, as well as adding daily full-service housekeeping, a private concierge and a personal chauffeured luxury vehicle to drive off-site. Apartments range in size from a studio to a two-bedroom, two-bath unit. The facility will include a market square, styled like an Italian piazza with large fountains, food vendors and a five-and-dime store, that connects the independent-living units with the assisted- and skilled-living apartments. Other amenities include a barber and beauty shop, 24/7 room service and a sommelier on site at its farm-to-table restaurant called Reba's Room. Knoville, Tenn.-based MBI Cos. Inc., Prairie Village-based NSPJ Architects and Kansas City-based Genesis Construction Management LLC contributed to the design and construction of the facility. Gladstone-based Opes Commercial Real Estate is the developer. Stockdale said both residents and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services want elevated services and facilities as expectations grow for high-quality health care. "They don't want the 1980s-, 1990s-style operators that cater to the depression era (customers) and provide a bare minimum of customer service and care, because they didn't have high expectations," Stockdale said. "With baby boomers, their expectations are getting higher and we have to be able to provide more than adequate customer service." This article first appeared on the Kansas City Business Journal. Written by Lily Lieberman

Urbane Healthcare To Open First Luxury Senior Living Complex in Missouri

Urbane Healthcare, an Inspired Senior Living management company located in Nashville, Tennessee, will open their first luxury senior living complex in Gladstone, Missouri, a northland suburb of Kansas City this November. The Grand Royale, a $13 million, 150,000-square-foot, 105-unit community features 34 independent-living suites, 43 assisted-living and 28 skilled-living. Independent Living will open in November with the adjacent areas to open by the end of the year. Inspired by the 1920s era, the interior harkens to the splendor of the past with clean lines, geometric forms, lavish textures, and visual beauty. Each suite will have a fireplace, patio walkout, and custom finishes. Independent living, assisted living, short-term rehab, and memory care services will be offered. Members can choose from three different memberships; Silver, an all-inclusive membership starting at $3,000 per month, $5,000 for Gold and $10,000 for Diamond. Apartments range in size from studios to two-bedroom, and two-bath units. Urbane Healthcare CEO Daniel Stockdale says, "We know that people don't want the 1980s-, 1990s-style operators that cater to the depression era (customers) and provide an inadequate level of customer service and negligent care, because they didn't have high expectations." "With baby boomers, their expectations are getting higher, and we must be able to provide excellent customer service, he added. The community is a one-level spoke and wheel design and will center around a spacious Italian-style piazza flanked with fountains, shops, cafes, restaurants such as the Little Italy Pizzeria and Coffee by Robin coffeeshop. Other amenities include the Laugh-O-Gram Theatre named after Kansas City icon, Walt Disney, 24-hour room service, fine-dining at Reba’s Room, a made-from-scratch kitchen, The Blind Tiger speakeasy, Moustachio's Barbershop, Bombshells Beauty Bar, a five-and-dime store, children's play area and more. Other luxury features include a personalized Apple Watch for each member that will provide individualized care and personalized messages. "The Grand Royale will bring a new option to local families as demand for luxury senior living and high-quality care continues to grow. We look forward to providing an elevated level of care and sophistication to retirement living," said Stockdale. For more information about The Grand Royale, contact Jenny Kincaid Julian, Socialworx Public Relations, at (816) 550.4382,, visit or call the sales team at (816).453.CARE, (2273). About Urbane HealthcareUrbane Healthcare is an Inspired Senior Living management company founded to create a holistic living experience that is comfortable, feels like home, and is fun! We are committed to providing memorable life experiences and valuing our members, colleagues, and their guests. Our services, dining options, activities, and health-focused initiatives are exactly what we would want for our own families. We operate multiple communities with the heart of servant leadership and believe our dedicated team of professionals serve a higher purpose - that of caring for all people. Our Mission Statement: In every encounter with every Colleague, Partner, Member, and Guest we discover and orchestrate ways to deliver inspired, unique, personalized experiences to everyone in our sphere of trust, in a prompt fashion, with a genuine smile and sincere heart.

Kansas City bank invests according to its values | BankBeat

In the 14 years since the Rowland family became majority owners of rural Missouri’s Garden City Bank, they’ve worked to transform it.

The Grand Royale KC: Introducing Karen Lancaster. #seniorliving #mayor #grandroyalekcMayor/Administrator Karen’s life exemplifies her calling. “It’s all about meeting individual…”

6 Likes, 0 Comments - TheGrandRoyaleKC (@thegrandroyalekc) on Instagram: “Meet The Team:: Introducing Karen Lancaster. Mayor/Administrator Karen’s life exemplifies her…”

SAVE, Inc. - #truth・・・Homeless youth often come from vulnerable minority groups. Love everyone and you will be part of reducing homelessness. #Repost…”

19 Likes, 2 Comments - SAVE, Inc. (@saveinckc) on Instagram: “#truth・・・Homeless youth often come from vulnerable minority groups. Love everyone and you will be…”

SAVE, Inc. has been helping vulnerable Kansas City's stay off the streets for more than 30 years. No more homelessness. Another great group of #savers toured the property tonight. Have you scheduled your tour yet? We’d love to see you this summer. #saveinckc…”

33 Likes, 2 Comments - SAVE, Inc. (@saveinckc) on Instagram: “Another great group of #savers toured the property tonight. Have you scheduled your tour yet? We’d…”

Documentary | The Journey back to Normal

"The Journey Back to Normal - A Look at Complementary Therapies to Combat PTSD" documents how these therapies can aid in the healing process in a holistic way and it shows how these community heroes step in and step up to help our warriors in their hour of need.

Kansas City's Universal Film Festival Announces Screening Line Up for August 22-24 Event

Kansas City’s Universal Film Festival, one of the top 100 film festivals in the United States, will return to downtown Kansas City on August 22-24, 2019. The Red Carpet will open Thursday, August 22 at 6:00pm.More 40 screenings will take place during this two-day Festival, with over 100 guest filmmakers from around the world who will be on-hand for Q&A’s. Screenings will take place at the Alamo Draft House located at 1400 Main Street in the Power & Light District. UFF’s celebrates the art of independent film by attracting filmmakers and filmgoers, critics, and movie enthusiasts from around the world. Kansas City’s Festival is considered a significant launching ground for up-and-comers in the film industry. Films have been nominated in the following genres:●Documentary●Drama●Action●Animation●Foreign Film Horror●Science Fiction●Comedy        Filmmakers from 107 countries submitted close to 1,130 films. This Festival is an excellent opportunity for aspiring filmmakers to network and promote their work and talents to local, national, and international audiences. The UFF panel of judges is comprised of film industry professionals, actors, independent filmgoers, producers, and Universal Film Festival board members. 2019 SCREENINGSRounded Corners by Paul Check, Drama. Runtime 1:27:00 A book smart 13-year old girl, raised alone by her Wall Street father, learns about life from her new carefree babysitter over summer vacation.Midnight at the Riverbend Theatre by Dennis Dey, Drama, runtime 29:00A runaway realizes a life altering encounter while hiding out in a local theater after hours.E D I T by Dennis Dey, Drama, runtime 39:29, The spiritual nature of a young video editor plays a key role in the life of a grieving widow.Blink by Kayden Phoenix, Drama. Runtime 12:53If you could get time back at the end, how would you begin? John Delacroix is an ambitious businessman, so much so that he finds himself neglecting what is truly important in his life. After a sudden heart attack, a mysterious women grants him the time he spent blinking to go back and relive his greatest joys and struggles.Fleeting Youth by Ryan Doyle, Drama, runtime 22:30“Fleeting Youth” is a coming-of-age short drama about two young musicians struggling to make their mark in an ambivalent world. As graduation approaches, Kendra grapples between continuing to pursue her music duo with her boyfriend Jackson or leave him behind to study music formally, pending her acceptance to prestigious universities.Where the Great Spirit Lives by Melonie Gartner, Horror, runtime 25:22Dirke, a war veteran, struggles with personal demons in a small town where he's shunned and misunderstood by everyone. He soon meets Emma, the girl of his dreams. One who doesn't judge him and is accepting. Emma is the only comfort that Dirke has going in his life when everything else seems bleak. Emma has an intense hold on him, and his world will never be the same. It's a love story which love takes place where fantasy and reality cross.Dreams Come True by Robbie Barnes, Horror, runtime 19:59, In this surrealistic world, Jack and Sarah are literally living the dream life. But one of them wants to break free from their perfect dreamscape and live a life in a real world, filled with beauty, pain, and everything in between. But doing so might cost this couple everything and turn their dream into a nightmare.Afreen by Aashish Chanana, Action, runtime 1:48:00The first dramatic feature film to tackle the disturbing ISIS phenomenon, Afreen takes an unblinking, uncompromising look at the roots of extremism, and offers difficult solutions that the governments, religions, and peoples of the world ignore at their own peril. Two years ago, a failed attack on the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa left two men dead. Now, unbeknownst to the public, another attack plot is brewing in the city of Toronto.Controlled Breaths of Air by Efemia Fard, Foreign Film, Runtime 30:00Margaritka, a 70 year-old mother of Nevena and Borislava, marries a Stalin colleague of the same institute after he raped her and she became pregnant. She must marry the person who raped her so she is not the mother of an illegitimate child. Stalin thinks it is commonplace to beat his pregnant wife daily and cruelly. Friends Like These by Zoran Dragelj, Foreign Film, runtime 1:00:00After his relationship falls apart, Sal, and his two best friends, sent out to find happiness. A girl who set out to help Sal results in excessive drinking, late nights, and mild debauchery. An ornery tale of lust, sex, mind games and alcohol. The Journey Back to Normal: A Look at Complementary Therapies to Combat PTSD by Nicole Amelio-Casper, Documentary, runtime 01:05:29Nicole Amelio-Casper, a Veteran's spouse who spent 20 years in the military community produced this documentary called A JOURNEY BACK TO NORMAL - The film documents 4 key alternative therapies that are impactful at decreasing the negative effects of PTSD. This film highlights three non-profit organizations near Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, Missouri and one non-profit outside of Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA. The film CHRONICLES their unwavering pursuit to help active duty military & veterans in their hour of need. Their efforts are honorable, and SO critical. We need to band together to support and heal our Heroes! Ondraa Irandaa Aasaigal by Abilesh Ravi, Foreign Film, runtime 28:20A thriller constrained to time, revolving arround a bunch of eccentric characters nudging through betrayal, love and friendship.The Nuclear Nightmare Cover-Up by Renee Green, documentary.   Runtime 1:29:33This documentary is about a B52 with 2 thermonuclear bombs that went by the call sign “Buzz One Four” that crashed on Big Savage Mountain in Western Maryland on January 13, 1964 during a blizzard. The local citizens became the first responders and almost died trying to search and rescue the crew members of this B52 that crashed near the small town of Grantsville, Maryland. Even though this crash occurred over 50 years ago, the people impacted by this event continue with their journey of recovery. This documentary interviews key eyewitnesses to the crash, rescue and recovery of the crew members, deactivating the bombs, security of the crash site along with an admission that there were to use deadly force if necessary, to secure the B-52. The CruciFire by Christopher Annino, Horror, runtime 21:00'The CruciFire’ is a psychological thriller. This film exposes predators who choose to do harm to the innocent. The film is about a vigilante phantom that punishes individuals who hurt the innocent. It’s well known that many people that have been victims of sexual abuse are abused by authority figures. This is their story and this is their vengeance. The person who calls himself The CruciFire is a hero for those who can’t speak for themselves. Predators beware you will be found and you will be crucified. The film was based on actual events but fictionalized. This film is in Memory of Mia Zapata and Andrea Tegan Post. Film locations include New England, Florida, Georgia, Canada.Lift by Alexander Kaminer, Comedy, runtime 1:40:00.What would you do when your own conscience takes over and gives you the name "Jimmy the Trickster?" This conscious takes money using a miraculous app called LIFT that sets you on an ethereal journey where you'll overcome your own ego, find true love, and finally realize your dream?Copenhagen Road by Lee Chambers, Drama, Runtime 8:20Late one-night Craig, a mechanic, reluctantly agrees to help Nicole, a desperate young woman with a flat tire, in a car all too familiar to him. Nicole's mysterious incident on the old Copenhagen Road slowly strikes an eerie note for Craig and brings his own shady past rushing forward.Split Decisions by Tom Kondilas, drama, runtime 33:44An unexpected pregnancy forces a working mom to fight for control of her job, family and sense of reality. A magical-realistic dramedy with laser beams (and a strong female lead).Amin & Akvan by Ali Reza, Animation, runtime 1:16:00Two young men (Amin and Akvan) one a barber, one a dyer, both experts in their profession, go to a remote town with limited industries to start a new life. Amin tries hard and succeeds in controlling soap production and distribution market. He meets a boy, Farbod, who accompanies him. Amin marries Firoozeh (Farbod’s mother) and starts again the attar shop which is an inheritance from Farbod’s father. Their family of three becomes credible among the people where Akvan finds good income and fame. Mixing jealousy with competition, he colludes with Fariborz, a profiteering and greedy merchant who has lost the distribution of soap market to Amin. In order to besmear Amin’s reputation in front of the ruler, Akvan devises a heinous scheme against the ruler’s life, but in the end, he himself is trapped in the conspiracy and dishonest plot he employs to gain more profit and to defeat Amin.Temptations by Aashish Chanana, Drama, runtime 30:00A story of two gorgeous women. Victoria, a stunning supermodel trapped in a loveless millionaire marriage, (played by TATYANA FOREST) to David Broder (played by DAVID PEREZ) and Nicole, a small town Alberta girl struggling to achieve her dreams and searching for LOVE in a tangled web of deceit and murder (played by ASHLEIGH DAVIDSON).Chosen One by Thomas Meyer, Action, runtime 1:29:26Chosen One takes you to the Land of The Forgotten Forest, an enchanted place where elves live. Celadriel, a young elf girl, stumbles onto a group of elf archers, who protect the land from the threat of vampires. Showing them of her abilities, it is here that she learns of her destiny, that is written in prophecy. Leaving all that she knows behind, she trains and is tested. When the land is faced with a vampire invasion, led by the villainous Andrasteia, can Celadriel fulfill her prophesy as the Chosen One?The Immigrant / Her American Nightmare, Drama, runtime 1:36:00Carmen, saving her own life and the life of her recently born son, escapes from her village, laid waste by violence. In an extreme push for survival, withstanding the worst of dangers, she crosses the border and comes to New York. She believes that her effort is worth it. What wouldn't someone do for their child? What card wouldn't be played to save a life? To have freedom? To be happy? There were many painful times...They exploited her. They abused her. They mistreated her. With her fragile, naive soul, she only increased her confusion, watched her anguish grow and lost her mind. Carmen became one of the so many immigrants who ended up being buried in a dark nightmare. Carmen, like so many others, could not find her American DreamBoy Who Can See The Wind by Dean Norris, Animation, runtime 5:00Five-year-old Danny, a recent Mexican immigrant, is not socialising with local youngsters and lives in his dream-world of flying, loves TV's Superman and has the model. His mother dismisses this obsession as a childhood phase, while Grandmother encourages it and suggests Danny should experiment with flying objects. Somewhat frustrated with paper airplanes and models, he enjoys success with kite until Mother's criticism knocks his confidence. Again Grandmother steps in with support and tells story of 'The boy can see the wind'. A stronger Danny is happy to pursue his dream and will become a pilot.A City Between Us by Maria João Ferreira, Foreign film, Runtime 1:02:16A woman balances between the love of her dying marriage and an old boyfriend that reappears in her life.The Treasure by Silvia Gregorova, Foreign Film. Runtime 24:52Bitter comedy “The Treasure” was based the eponymous neorealist tale by Alberto Moravia from the collection “The Roman Stories (1954)”. The main impulse to write the script came from an actual article from the Czech tabloid about buried Jewish gold. The film takes place in a Czech town and tries bitterly to criticize the absence of piety and the persisting anti-Semitism hidden in some of us. The whole film is illustrated by the music of the Prague Yiddish band and photographs of the Jews.Discovering Tommie Atkins: The Revelation of His Creek Nation Legacy by Lyle Gibson, Documentary, Runtime 18:20Part III of An American Story series "Discovering Tommie Atkins: The Revelation of His Creek Nation Legacy" will explore the unique relationship between Native Americans, African Americans, and Hispanics. The young lady featured in this series was born prior to the 1963 Loving v. Virginia case on miscegenation. The case was responsible for the transformation of racial identity in general to include Native American identity and the blending of cultures. Through her story we will explore the outcome of the 1887 Dawes Act; the first step transitioning Native Americans into U.S. Citizens. The 1887 Dawes Act allowed Native Americans to be treated as individuals rather than as members of a tribe. The Debt by Mahmoud Shoolizadeh, Drama, Runtime 30:00A Combat veteran whose life is falling apart unexpectedly faces her past, and it's not what she thought.The Queen of Screams Presents: A Halloween Special by Jennifer Nangle, Horror, Runtime 25:40You're invited to Malvolia's Annual Halloween Party! 5 lucky victims attend and, reluctantly, are put to the test to save their lives. Will anyone win?Manny Fantasma by Michael Carnick, Horror, Runtime 29:19A paranormal psychiatrist treats a variety of otherworldly patients while battling his own inner demons.The Overcoat by Sean Mullen, Animation, Runtime 30:00The Overcoat is a warm and unique Christmas story about an office worker that saves all his money to buy a new coat in time for Christmas, only to have fate take a ghostly hand.

Top 10 Best Local Kansas City Banks: Lead Bank

Are you searching for local Kansas City banks or local "banks near me" in Kansas City? Don't select a Kansas City bank until you read this first:

Lead Emerging Artist Prize Reception | Kansas City Art Institute

Join us in celebration the four winners of the Lead Emerging Artist Prize. Alex Duncan (Senior, Graphic Design), Jinblossom Plati (Senior, Ceramics), Ryan Stallbaumer (Senior, Photography), and Kate Fromm (Junior, Fiber) Lead Bank will be hosting a reception with food and drinks so you can meet each of the artists and mingle with community art members. Lead Bank is pleased to partner with the Kansas City Art Institute to feature four outstanding students annually. Each student will receive a scholarship from Lead Bank as well as the opportunity to showcase their artwork in a solo exhibition in the lobby of Lead Bank’s Main St. location.

Self - The Self Visa® Credit Card: A Secured Credit Card Innovation

Self is introducing a new take on the secured credit card. Once you're eligible, it's your choice whether to say yes and get the credit card. No additional deposit up front and no credit check!

Lead Bank Taps Finzly’s Award-Winning Payment Hub To Modernize Its Payment Capabilities

Finzly, a fintech provider of modern banking applications for payments, foreign exchange, trade finance, and digital account opening, announced today that Lead Bank has implemented Finzly’s Payment Hub to enhance the bank’s payment and digital capabilities. Payment Hub is part of Finzly’s open, cloud-based, modern banking platform, BankOS, positioning Lead Bank to support immediate and future innovation initiatives.As part of Kansas City, Mo.-based Lead Bank’s strategic initiatives to partner with fintechs that enable the bank to overcome the challenges of existing legacy technology while also enhancing their banking infrastructure to support future innovation, Finzly stood out as an ideal technology partner to improve the bank’s payment capabilities and digital offerings. Integrating with Lead Bank’s core technology, Payment Hub empowers the bank to centralize the operation of multiple payment networks and deliver an enhanced user experience to their valuable customers.Finzly’s recently enhanced, award-winning Payment Hub supports multiple payment networks through a single, consolidated system, including ACH, Fedwire, SWIFT, and emerging complex real-time payments services like The Clearing House’s RTP® network and the Fed’s FedNow℠ service. Payment Hub is interoperable, leveraging open APIs in the cloud to centralize consumer and business payment processing, monitoring, reporting, and compliance. Not only does Payment Hub streamline payment automation to free FIs from the manual processing of payments and reconciliation, but it also enables FIs to provide customers with a more seamless payment experience.“The ability to service our fintech and corporate clients with a Banking as a Service solution, as well as communicate messages to and from the core platform, is crucial to fulfilling and facilitating the requirements of Lead Bank and our channel partners,” said Sheila Stratton, Director of Digital Strategy, Lead Bank. “Finzly’s solution provides a modern technology platform in which our bank can expand payment capabilities while tapping a flexible and innovative solution to support our bank in delivering on the specialized needs of our clients.”“Lead Bank is leading the way in which FIs can partner with fintechs to innovate with speed and go to market faster,” said Booshan Rengachari, founder and CEO, Finzly. “Payment Hub takes the workload off of the legacy core system and gives the bank the freedom to innovate without limitations. With Payment Hub, Lead Bank can offer a seamless and more secure payment experience, while also offering fintech banking. We are pleased to partner with Lead Bank and look forward to continued collaborations to support the bank’s transformation to embrace the future.”About FinzlyFinzly connects financial institutions with customers through a modern digital banking experience and an efficient, real-time payment services hub. Freeing financial institutions from core system limitations, Finzly’s open, cloud-based modern banking platform, BankOS, enables transformation and innovation at the speed of fintech. With the freedom to adopt solutions from Finzly and third parties of choice, financial institutions can implement apps in three simple steps – subscribe, try and launch. Serving customers across North America, Finzly has been modernizing international banking and treasury management solutions since 2012. For more information, visit Lead BankLead Bank is a community-minded, independent commercial bank, recognized for its innovative approach to community banking and unique banking solutions that allows real people, real businesses, and their communities to thrive. Serving communities with treasury management and lending services, consumer client products, digital consumer banking, and innovative financial technology services, Lead Bank is the first choice for those looking for a future banking partner. Headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, yet serving clients digitally throughout the United States, Lead Bank is known for being a small business advocate, having outstanding client service, and creating financial pathways to those, who in the past, have been financially unhealthy. 2020 member of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV), an international network of banking leaders from around the world committed to advancing positive change in the banking sector. For additional information, call (816) 220.8600 or visit

Simeone Deary Transforms a Former Men’s Social Club Into a Boutique Hotel - Metropolis

The Simeone Deary–designed Hotel Kansas City acknowledges the past while signaling a more inclusive future.

Checking out at home? Hotel Kansas City launches in-room remote working (and an exclusive KC bourbon) via Startland News

One of Kansas City’s newest luxury hotels is ringing the service bell on a mid-pandemic professional getaway option, unpacking a plan to fill empty rooms with remote workers looking for a break in their COVID-19-restricted routines. And maybe a sip or two of a “resurrected” Kansas City bourbon blend.

Lead Bank Blog

Lead Bank and The Venture Center partners at ICBA ThinkTECH Accelerator.

IN Kansas City Magazine talks with Hotel Kansas City Chef/Pastry Chef Team: Five Things You Don’t Know About Us: Hotel Kansas City’s New Chefs, Johnny and Helen Jo Leach 

Meet KC’s new culinary kids on the block—the husband/wife team of Helen Jo and Johnny Leach, both transplants from Portland, Oregon. The couple was handpicked to run the culinary program at the new Hotel Kansas City. As the executive chef, Johnny will oversee the newly opened, rustic The Town Company restaurant and its sister bar…

Kansas City Star restaurant openings; The Town Company at the historic Hotel Kansas City

October was a month that both broke our hearts and showed Kansas City’s indomitable culinary heart.

Take a virtual tour of the new downtown luxury boutique hotel, the Hotel Kansas City via Kansas City Business Journal

The #hotel in the heart of #KansasCity's Downtown points to a new future by embracing the building's past.

Hotel Kansas City is "Worth the Haul" by Edge Magazine

Whether traveling alone or with family, downtown Kansas City’s newest 15-suite, 144-room luxury hotel, Hotel Kansas City, will deliver an experience that

Dish & Drink KC: New restaurants for chefs Patrick Ryan and Howard Hannna, where to get tiki party packs, and the dish of the week

Two of Kansas City's best-known chefs have new projects in the works, plus where to get your weekend tiki party pack, and the dish you can't miss this week.

Chef Patrick Ryan To Open The Town Company Restaurant and El Gold Bar Inside Hotel Kansas City This Fall

The two concepts will be in the new Hotel Kansas City, which was once the historic Kansas City Club.

Dish & Drink KC: a cocktail bar on 39th, and an award winning culinary team debuts their restaurant downtown

A new bar comes to 39th Street from local entrepreneurs, an anticipated restaurant opening downtown, eat anything from TacoNaco, and more.

Hotel Kansas City

Hotel Kansas City

Hotel Kansas City Looks to Local Artists for Style: CitySceneKC

By Kevin Collison The recently-opened Hotel Kansas City has emerged as a significant new patron of local artists and crafts people, spending an estimated $175,000 to purchase their works in keeping…

FOX 4 and Zona Rosa Town CenterBanking on big sales, metro retailers reopen doors to customers

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Slowly but surely, retailers are re-opening. On what should be a huge holiday weekend for retail sales in the metro, stores that have been closed for nearly two months are …

CityScene KCNew Hotel Kansas City Looking for Love to Prosper

By Kevin Collison Officials at the new Hotel Kansas City scheduled to open in the historic Kansas City Club building this August believe love will show the way to prosperity following the hospitali…

The Financial BrandLessons One Community Bank Learned Through the COVID Pandemic

How can financial institutions reap experience in resilience from the coronavirus crisis? Assess things honestly and build on what worked.

Kansas City Homes & Style Magazine: Local Chefs Tackle Hospitality Unemployment and Hunger

By Dave Eckert It’s called The Community Meals Project, and its initial three to five million dollar goal is to keep Kansas City restaurants open and food industry workers employed while, at the same time, providing thousands of healthy meals for those in the city who are “food insecure.” The group behind the massive effort is …

FEAST Magazine: Chef Patrick Ryan To Open The Town Company Restaurant and El Gold Bar Inside Hotel Kansas City This Fall

The two concepts will be in the new Hotel Kansas City, which was once the historic Kansas City Club.

Kansas City Magazine: Uncertain times find KC restaurants choosing different routes back to service

As the city starts to reopen, restaurants are slowly getting back into the swing of things—and finding unique ways to do it. Photo by Katie Currid Patio Time in Westport “Paris of the Plains” could be an even more apt nickname for Kansas City if the mayor and local business leaders have their way. Kansas City is looking to close...

FOX 4: Zona Rosa is Banking on big sales, metro retailers reopen doors to customers

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Slowly but surely, retailers are re-opening. On what should be a huge holiday weekend for retail sales in the metro, stores that have been closed for nearly two months are …

Nerd Wallet: This New Secured Card Plays the Long Game for Building Credit

A new secured Visa card lets you apply with no credit check and no upfront deposit, but you have to clear some other hurdles to qualify.

KC on KC: City of Fountains by Visit KC with music by The Kansas City Symphony

"The City of Fountains” isn’t just a cool nickname for KC. It’s one that we've earned. Discover some of the most iconic fountains found throughout Kansas Cit...

Kansas City's Northland Might Finally Get Another Fountain — One That Tells A Big Story

Kansas City likes to call itself the City of Fountains, but only two of approximately200 fountains are north of the Missouri River. For years this has…

City of Fountains Foundation | Kansas City Fountains and Sculptures

Information about fountains and public art in the Kansas City metro area.

Lead Bank donates $25K for OHUB.KC to support minority-led startups during ‘unprecedented times’

The funding announcement came just a day before the KC.UP minority accelerator pushes ahead with a virtual demo day to showcase its first cohort.

In Kansas City, The Community Meals Project Is Funding Restaurants Ready to Help Tackle Hunger

The collective turns local restaurants into community kitchens to assist local non-profit agencies in feeding those in need.

Lead Bank donates $25K for OHUB.KC to support minority-led startups during ‘unprecedented times’ - Starland News

The funding announcement came just a day before the KC.UP minority accelerator pushes ahead with a virtual demo day to showcase its first cohort.

"Kansas City Public Relations" on Instagram: “Divas don’t do drama, they do business. The office never looked so good! 🔥” #swpr

23 Likes, 1 Comments - Kansas City Public Relations (@socialworxpr) on Instagram: “Divas don’t do drama, they do business. The office never looked so good! 🔥”

“Need some last-minute gifts? Our dear friend, Nikki French or as you may know her, the Midwestern Mama, visited "Zona Rosa KC"  #socialkc #swpr

13 Likes, 2 Comments - Kansas City Public Relations (@socialworxpr) on Instagram: “Need some last minute gifts? Our dear friend, Nikki French or as you may know her, the Midwestern…”

"Kansas City Chiefs" play at "FlipSwitch VR" in the KC Crossroads. 👏 Huge thanks to @killatrav, @cheetah, @demarcusrobinson, @gehrigdieter, and @byronp09…”

129 Likes, 7 Comments - FlipSwitch VR (@flipswitch_vr_kc) on Instagram: “Look who stopped by to get in on the zombie action! 👏 Huge thanks to @killatrav, @cheetah,…”

"Kansas City's only free-roam virtual reality" game is at "FlipSwitch VR" - play Arizona Sunshine: Live Bait Announcement Trailer #SWPR

Check out the trailer for the newest experience to arrive at FlipSwitch VR! Make your booking today:

Book your private party at Kansas City's only free-roam virtual reality playland, "FlipSwitch VR" in the "KC Crossroads"

If you’re thinking about hosting a party or event then FlipSwitch VR might be the perfect place. When you book a private party your group gets the whole spac...

FOX4: Fight off zombies and more in a new virtual reality world in KC’s Crossroads. "FlipSwitch VR" "free-roam virtual reality"

The Crossroads company says the virtual reality is so high tech, it's easy to forget the zombies aren't real.

IN Kansas City Magazine: Impulse Purchase of the Week. Free-Roam Virtual Reality "FlipSwitch VR"

It’s the day after Christmas. Are your teenagers already driving you insane just being at home? This week’s Impulse Purchase is just as much for you as it is for them. How about you book a playdate at FlipSwitch VR—a free-roam virtual-reality gaming experience where your kids and their friends can book tickets to play…

FOX 4: Fight off zombies and more in a new virtual reality world, "FlipSwitch VRR" in KC’s Crossroads

The Crossroads company says the virtual reality is so high tech, it's easy to forget the zombies aren't real.

Get In The Game: FlipSwitch VR on FOX 4 News. Virtual reality comes to Kansas City & you need to see it to believe it.

A new company is transporting people into another world to offer a unique fright. FlipSwitch VR in the Crossroads District uses virtual reality to immerse ga...

Get In The Game! FlipSwitch VR is in Kansas City and you need to play.

It’s Coming Kansas City! Epic Scale, Free-Roam, Multiplayer Virtual Reality. We are an epic scale, free-roam, multiplayer virtual reality gaming center locat...

Zona Rosa: Santa visits with FOX 4's Thursday’s Child: 10-year-old with special needs who just wants a family for Christmas

He asked Santa for a video game and a bicycle, but more than anything Jay'Vion says for Christmas he'd like parents that would love him unconditionally forever.


Zona Rosa Celebrates the Season with the Northland CommunityZona Rosa, the Northland’s premier shopping center located at I-29 and Barry Road, will be kicking off this year’s holiday season on Saturday, November 23rd with their annual lighting ceremony. The community will enjoy a full schedule of holiday events that is sure to put the entire family in the holiday spirit. Northern Lights Tree Lighting CeremonySaturday, November 23rd, 4pm - 6pm Fox 4 meteorologist, Karli Ritter will emcee the evening and help light the well-known, signature oversized holiday crowns high above the streets of Zona Rosa, as well as the stunning 50-foot Christmas tree adorned with holiday lights and colorful ornaments. Guests will enjoy the holiday favorites from five local bands as well as hot chocolate and specialty coffees from The Coffee Cake KC. Don't miss Buddy the Elf spreading holiday cheer as he meanders through the crowds with his spirited shenanigans. Finally, what's a party without a #selfie? Snap a photo inside a vintage VW Photo Bus from The Photo Bus KC which will be all decked out for the holidays. Free photo keepsake for each person!Bands:Drew SixNicole Springer, Nicole Springer BandHeather Thornton, Heather Thornton BandNick Nave Red Guitar Gin Dorsey Fast Times Black Friday Extravaganza: Shopping Sprees, Food Trucks & BIG GIVEAWAYSFriday, November 29th, beginning at 8:00amTown Square & The Grove (8600 N. Dixson Ave)Zona Rosa will kick off the holiday shopping season in a big way with their Black Friday Holiday Extravaganza starting Friday, November 29th, at 8:00am. Head to Town Square to register for a $500 Zona Rosa Shopping spree, dinners packages for the family, spa packages, and more from their retailers and restaurants. Be one of the first shoppers and get Santa Photo passes, Zona Rosa Coupon books and more! Foodie Alert! The first 120 shoppers will receive a free homemade Pop-Tart from the Queen of Tarts. Shoppers will be able to regain their strength between 11:00am-2:00pm with street tacos and nachos (for purchase) from the Casual Foodie truck.10 Days of Hot Holiday GIFTAways: December 2nd through 13thFollow @ZonaRosaKC on Facebook and Instagram for additional ways you can win hot holiday gifts. PJ Party with Santa & Mrs. Claus: Friday, December 6th, 6:30-8:00pmInside The Grove at Zona Rosa (8600 N. Dixson Ave)Children are invited to enjoy the company of Santa and Mrs. Claus as they read Christmas stories and sing Christmas carols. Mrs. Claus will read the book "12 Days of Christmas in Missouri," written by local author, Ann Ingalls, and illustrated by Laura Hulisk-Beith. Children will receive a complimentary children’s book and milk and cookies. Both Ingalls and Beith will be onsite to sign the book. Heather’s Art Garden, a local children's band, will perform and lead a sing-along of beloved holiday and Christmas carols.  Breakfast with Santa: Saturday, December 7th, 8:30-10:30amBreakfast with Santa, a Northland tradition continues as we welcome Santa to Granite City, 8641 NW Prairie View Road. This event includes a kid-friendly breakfast, a meet & greet with Santa, one free photo pass, and a special gift from Santa himself. Tickets are limited, and advance tickets are required. Purchase tickets here. $12 for children, $22 for adults and must be purchased in advance.  Santa Arrives: Friday, November 29rd – Tues. Dec 24Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, put on your best holiday sweater, bring your wish list, and head to The Grove because Santa Claus is coming to town. Visit Santa in his winter wonderland November 29th through December 24th. Visits with Santa are complimentary, and each child will receive a gift (while supplies last). Photo packages available for purchase. No personal photos allowed. *Sensitive Santa: Sunday, December 8th, 9:00am to 11:00amBecause we want everyone to enjoy the Christmas season and a visit with Santa Claus, we’ll turn down the music, dim the lights and offer a bit of Christmas magic for children who might not be able to process a traditional Santa experience. Pet Photos with Santa ClauseBring your furry friend with you and get a picture with Santa. ·      Monday, Dec 2, 3pm – 7pm·      Monday, Dec 9, 3pm – 7pm Santa Paws for NAWS: Wednesday, December 11th, 6:00-8:00pmSponsored by the Northland Animal Welfare SocietySanta can’t wait to see your furry friend. Bring your pet to see Santa during the Santa PAWS for NAWS event. First 50 guests to donate a pet supply item (food, toys, bones), will get a free photo pass, benefiting NAWS (Northland Animal Welfare Society)  About Zona RosaZona Rosa is a mixed-use urban town center located at the northwest corner of I-29 and Barry Road in Kansas City, Mo. in the heart of the Northland, which encompasses more than 1 million square feet of office, residential and retail space. In addition to being a great place to live and work, Zona Rosa offers customers over 85 stores and restaurants including Dillard’s, Bath & Body Works, Dicks Sporting Goods, Barnes & Noble, Bravo Cucina Italiana, Chico’s, Loft, Victoria’s Secret, Gap, Old Navy and more. For more information, contact Natalie Bass,, or Jenny Kincaid Julian, (816) 550.4382,  

Listening Tour 2019

The Grand Royale KCLuxury senior living just got a little bit easier. Opening in 2020, enjoy retirement in style.

2 Likes, 1 Comments - TheGrandRoyaleKC (@thegrandroyalekc) on Instagram: “*Grand Opening Special* The first 5 members to sign a lease will be locked into their rate for the…”

SQUAREOFFS Makes it wasty to pick a side via Techweek

People have been taking polls since the dawn of society. From predicting elections, to creating rivalries before the big game, asking people to choose a side is a surefire way to know what they want, and more importantly, create engagement. It’s this reality that SquareOffs capitalizes on, with a product that makes it easy for online publishers to poll their audiences. Jeff Rohr, SquareOffs’ CEO & Founder, sat down with Prab Kumar, Techweek’s Head of Media, to share more about his platform. Prab: What are three stats that shows how...

Jen Bjorem, Owner of Children's Therapy Services was recognized as one of the “Movers & Shakers” in Leawood Lifestyle Magazine 

82 Likes, 6 Comments - BjoremSpeech - SLP (@bjoremspeech) on Instagram: “Thanks to @leawood_lifestyle for choosing me for this awesome feature “Movers & Shakers” in the May…”

Lead Bank backs its retail clients by selling their products in KC branch

Lead Bank loves to talk about the importance of supporting local businesses, but the latest addition to its "Grow Home" campaign shows the bank is willing to go above and beyond to practice what it preaches. Virtually every Kansas City-area bank will help small business clients secure a li

Bjorem Speech Sound Cues to target s-blends at The Ainsworth Kansas City

Working on s-blends with visual cues using the Bjorem Speech Sound Cues.

Holiday Entertaining with Whole Foods Market x Plaza City Club Apartments

Nestled on the lovely Kansas City Country Club Plaza, the Plaza Club City Apartments are refreshingly elegant and modernized. If you head to the rooftop, you will find one of its most stunning features, the Sky Club. This part indoor, part outdoor suite overlooks the entire Country Club Plaza and bo

Review: "The Accidental President"

On April 12, 1945, President Franklin Roosevelt died suddenly and Vice President Harry S. Truman assumed the highest office in the land. By Truman’s own assessment, he was unprepared for

Foodie Chick Event Recap via blog Sarah Scoop

Last weekend, I attended the Foodie Chick Event while it was here in KC. Hosted by Chick Events, the event took place at Park Place in Leawood, Kansas where dozens of local eateries, breweries, bistros and wineries entered their best in hopes of winning the title of “best bite,” “best white wine,” “best red wine,” …

Take a peek at what’s in glasses of local wine experts this summer

Local wine experts share what they will be drinking this summer.

Lead Bank: Dot-bank, dot-beer, dot-dog and others join the dot-com world

A local bank will be one of the first to migrate its online customers from its dot-com website to one that ends in dot-bank. It’s evidence that consumers finally will start to see the long-awaited expansion of Internet domains.

Colleen McCain Nelson’s ‘Stuff I Like’: Fast pizza and ‘Hamilton’ in KC

Editorial page editor Colleen McCain Nelson is into Pizzeria Locale, Treats Unleashed, “The Americans” on FX, Loose Park and the Trolley Track Trail and “Hamilton” coming to Kansas City (eventually).

Valentine’s Day in Kansas City: These new restaurants are perfect for date night

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, Kansas City. No reservations yet? We’ve got you covered with this list of 21 date night-worthy restaurants, from casual pizzerias, cocktail bars and ramen shops to upscale steakhouses and seafood spots.

James Beard Award-Winning Chefs: Colby Garrelts Partners With Pizzeria Locale to Raise Dough for Charity

Garrelts has decided to put Rye’s popular barbecue sauce to work to raise money for one of his favorite local non-profit organizations, the Child Protection Center.

Client: Leap Hospitality Hiring Trends 2018: What’s Ahead for Enterprise Businesses? |

We speak with executives about how taxes, Trump, and a tight labor market could impact 2018 workforce hiring.

Lead Bank: Zelle and the P2P Payments Race - ABA Bank Marketing

The real-time person-to-person (P2P) payments service for banks called Zelle is being rolled out and tens of thousands of consumers are enrolling each day.

360 vodka's special 2015 Royals World Series bottles to hit shelves this week

WESTON, Mo. — The partnership between 360 Vodka and the Kansas City Royals couldn’t have started at a better time.  

Lead Bank: How to make money by spending money

If you can manage your credit cards correctly, financial experts tell us you can actually come out ahead. 

McCormick celebrates Royals' win with a trophy of its own - Kansas City Business Journal

McCormick Distilling Co. is celebrating the Royals' World Series win with limited-edition commemorative 360 Vodka bottles.

Holladay Distillery will produce a Show-Me-Spirit

Missouri’s bootlegger heritage is paving the way for its distilling future.

Lead Bank welcome Camp Fire and Nonprofit Leadership Alliance into their Crossroads location

The two nonprofit organizations have moved to the second floor of the Lead Bank building at 1801 Main St. Both organizations previously had offices in the Town Pavilion tower.

Cooper's Hawk Winery & Restaurant: Matt the Miller's set to open at Kenwood, West Chester - Dayton Business Journal

A Columbus restaurant brand is opening a pair of new eateries, including a spot in West Chester.

Leawood Lifestyle: A spotlight on two award-winning chefs and their collaboration for charity

This past October, two James Beard Award-winning chefs helped to raise funds for the Child Protection Center (CPC) through a delicious partnership.

Parkville Holiday Gift Guide (and a Giveaway!) | Out to Eat

The holiday countdown is on! If you're looking to knock out your wish lists in one convenient stop, Parkville is your place. Its downtown makes for an easily walkable experience, along with free parking and, of course, plenty of small town charm. Whether you're buying for your boss or bestie, here are five shops that offer something for everyone.

Root Beer Floats Grow Up @ Hotel Phillips

Hotel Phillips' 12 Baltimore puts a childhood favorite back on our radar with its adult root beer floats.

Leap of Faith: How Pat Phelan too a chance on the hospitality industry and landed on top. Thinking Bigger Media

When it comes to the restaurant business, Pat Phelan and Leap Hospitality do pretty much everything except cook the food. ENTREPRENEUR Pat Phelan COMPANY INFORMATION Leap Hospitality 28B Westwoods Drive Liberty, MO 64068 (816) 368-2857 TYPE OF BUSINESS Restaurant and hospitality consultants YEAR FOUNDED 2006 EMPLOYEES 7 KEYS TO SUCCESS Some of the best busines advice Pat Phelan ever received was from his in-laws: Don’t give up too soon. The

"Innovation helps customers and banks grow" - Josh Rowland, CEO of Lead Bank via Kansas City Business Journal

Lead Bank CEO Josh Rowland is leaving no stone unturned on the technology front to help consumers gain financial strength and in turn create loyal, lifelong customers.

7 Great Fall Fundraisers for Food-Lovers in Kansas City

Celebrate the best of fall’s food and drink offerings while raising money for local, regional and national charities.

Two James Beard Award Winning Chefs join forces for a Tasty Cause

Two James Beard Award Winning Chefs join forces for a Tasty Cause. Lachlan Patterson, Pizzeria Locale owner, and Colby Garrelts, owner of rye and Bluestem, have joined forces to help support the Children Protection Center through a tasty collaboration: BBQ chicken pizza.

Leap Hospitality: Could You Find Your Next Employee on Social Media?

If you’re planning to hire in 2018 and aren’t using social media to attract terrific job applicants, now’s the time to start “social recruiting.” It’s the use of social media channels such as LinkedIn and Facebook to post job openings, find new talent and create connections. Utilize LinkedIn Conversations Follow, take part in and join groups that pertain to their specific industry or sector. Most of these conversations are about industry trends, yet you will start to see a pattern of

Journospeak: National Pizza Day at Pizzeria Locale & Dough from Scratch #pizza #pizza


SquareOffs: It's Madness! How One Tournament Transformed a Sport

March Madness wasn't always a national event. In fact, it's only been in recent years that it has become something that approximately 40 million Americans participate in.

SquareOffs & Human Made: The building of a WordPress plugin

Through our partnership with Human Made we are excited to announce the launch of our WordPress plugin.

Productivity Tools for Professionals on the Go

What’s the one thing every busy professional wished they had more of? If you said time, you’d be right. With more than 3 million Americans now working from home at least half the time, being on-the-go all the time is the new norm. The reality is that we all wish we could be more productive and do more in less time. Everyone is getting pulled in so many different directions throughout the day; it’s no surprise our to-do list keeps getting longer. Thanks to the ever-changing world of technol

Plaza Club City Apartments: Toast to brighter days with a spring-inspired gathering via Kansas City Spaces Magazine

The ice has thawed, the snow has melted and now it’s time to celebrate a new season. Higher temperatures call for a lively color palette of sky blues and sunny yellows paired with patterned dishware and beautiful blooms. Ditch the soups and stews for a garden-fresh menu that’s as refreshing as it is filling, and … Continue reading "Toast to brighter days with a spring-inspired gathering"

Celebrating International Women in Business Month, SimplyKC Magazine highlights Socialworx PR Owner Jenny Kincaid Julian.Old-School Values Provide Strong Foundation for Public Relations Firm

Written by Tiffany Killoren / Photo by Jami Marshall Farm life can be tough. A crop’s schedule dictates pretty much everything. For Jenny Kincaid Julian, owner of Socialworx Public Relations, growing up in a farming family is the reason why she values hard work and the collapse-into-your-pillow ex

CEO of Lead Bank, Josh Rowland talks banking innovation with Thinking Bigger Media: Innovation is the future for community banking

The leader of a Kansas City bank is also a leader in industry innovation. In early March, Josh Rowland spoke at the Bank Innovation conference in San Francisco. Rowland, CEO of Lead Bank, used the opportunity to share his vision with attendees. Rowland’s message at the conference was that banks must rethink what the banking landscape looks like. Rowland maintains that there is a misguided belief that innovation can only exist at the big-bank level. “Big banks, they don't really have a b

Kids In Mind: Coarticulation - Thinking About the Sounds We Teach by Jen Bjorem of Bjorem Speech

Jen Bjorem talks about co-articulation and how sounds are impacted by other sounds in the English language. She encourages therapists to talk about this with families so we can be LISTENING to how we say things and teaching them in that manner rather than how words are spelled.

What in the world is this? Children's Therapy Services & Bjorem Speech will teach you about phoneme identification

Here Claire is introducing initial phoneme identification to a 4 year old. They are working on the foundational pre-literacy skill of phonemic awareness.

Lead Bank hosts Kansas City Art Institute students as they create parking lot art with an unlikely helper - KC Star

Printmaking students at the Kansas City Art Institute used an industrial-sized road roller to help transfer ink to paper during the 11th annual Road Roller Printmaking Event in the parking lot of Lead Bank in Kansas City.

The Ainsworth KC on Better KC Morning Show: The best of the best sports bars in KC

Yelp community manager Adam Schaumburg joined us to share his picks for sports bars around town to put at the top of your list.

Lead Bank's Grow Home Spotlight: Happy Food Co - Good Food for Real People #getsomehappy

“I’m a chef, but it was actually my business partner’s frustration with meal planning that led to our startup.”Kiersten Firquain says it all began when her partner, Jeff Glasco, found himself hungry and looking for dinner in a grocery store. The options and possibilities were overwhelming.“He stood there thinking, ‘There’s got to be an easier way to get a good meal made of fresh ingredients.’”Jeff’s background is more in the direction of information technology than food, so he tapped Kiersten’s well-known farm-to-table expertise to help explore a solution.“At first, I laughed. But he was so passionate that I couldn’t resist. We put our heads together and came up with the Happy Food Co. Jeff became our CEO. He likes to say he’s the happy and I’m the food. We’re just great partners.”The business focuses on taking care of the planning, shopping, measuring and chopping so busy people can pick up kits and easily cook fresh meals with local ingredients at home. Customers immediately identified Happy Food Co. as a great answer to the pressing question, “What’s for dinner?” But even the tastiest business idea still has to navigate the typical heat in the startup kitchen.“Cash flow, capital and getting the resources we needed. Those were the first hurdles, and it wasn’t easy. We also got off on the wrong foot thinking this was going to be a workplace model. We weren’t getting enough traffic, so we switched to a retail model with an emphasis on grocery stores at first. That was the right way to go. Fortunately, we found it before the wrong way threatened our survival.”After two years in business, Happy Food Co. is in dozens of retail locations, and expects that number to top 50 by the end of 2017. Rapid growth quickly convinced Kiersten that the business had a future.“I don’t want to declare us successful yet, but we’re headed in the right direction. We still have many goals to reach in terms of locations and vertical expansion.”Launching Happy Food Co. has given Kiersten plenty of food for thought about strategic partnerships.“Partnerships and alliances are critical. You need help, and you have to build a smart team that has your back. Our banking partner is an example. We trust Lead Bank because they work with us and help us any way they can. We switched from a bank we had been with for a very long time because of the personal relationship we developed with Lead Bank. They really care about our success, and they’re devoted to the community they serve.”Her advice to startup owners eyeing the next level: Don’t let anything stand in the way.“Never give up on your goals. If you’re not exactly sure how to get there, find an advisor or mentor to show you the path. Your moments of deepest doubt typically come right before your biggest victories.”It helps to have a supportive community, too. Kiersten says she finds reason to be grateful for doing business in Greater Kansas City every day.“Kansas City actively supports local businesses – that’s just a fact. Whether it’s a customer’s loyalty or a business program that helps with planning and operations, we just couldn’t ask for a better community. It’s no surprise that startups do well here.”Kiersten says she loves knowing that Happy Food Co. is making a difference in people’s lives. She feels like her business is a recipe for giving back to the community by enriching lives, saving time and bringing people together over meals.“A couple once told us that Happy Food Co. saved their marriage because it put an end to their daily squabbles over dinner plans. I guess those squabbles were pretty intense! We were delighted that they were so happy that they contacted us to let us know.”While Happy Food Co. is feeding customers, it’s also growing home in the grand tradition of small businesses that have helped Greater Kansas City evolve.“Communities and local businesses share something very important. The people behind them are passionate about building a future. That’s why business owners are naturals at shaping the potential of their hometown. A desire to grow home is just part of who they are.”

Leap Hospitality on why Agency Recruiters Win the Day #recruiting

Over the course of my career, I have had the opportunity to work on both the corporate and agency side of recruitment. Having seen the differences between the two, I firmly believe the two roles are different in key ways, and the agency recruiter will always be needed.

Pristina Dueta Testimonial: Women are in control of their bodies at Imaging For Women

Leading the way with Pristina Dueta Mammograms

Minority/Women-Owned Businesses Gain Financial Partner with new KCI Terminal Partnership

Edgemoor Infrastructure & Real Estate LLC announced today that Lead Bank will be the financing source for local, diverse and disadvantaged businesses working to construct the new single terminal airport in Kansas City, Missouri. The Bank will help Edgemoor, and the City of Kansas City, Missouri meet ambitious goals for subcontractor and supplier diversity in the construction of a new terminal at Kansas City International Airport. Specifically, the Bank will implement a low-interest working capital loan program for those businesses seeking to perform project-related services on the new terminal.  Small businesses often miss out on opportunities to bid on local projects due to the lack of funding and limited or no access to working capital. Because of Lead Bank, this is no longer an issue. This funding plan explicitly created for small businesses, including women-and minority-owned firms will give many the opportunity to truly be a part of the betterment of Kansas City.  As part of its Development Agreement with the City, Edgemoor has committed to achieving a 35 percent project participation goal, which includes 20 percent participation by Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and 15 percent participation by Women Business Enterprises (WBE). Currently, there are 21 minority, and women-owned firms providing professional services with myriad construction services opportunities remaining.  “Part of our commitment to helping small businesses grow through the New Terminal Project includes ensuring they have access to the resources they need to pursue opportunities. When companies can take on new work, they grow and create new jobs. We are pleased to have Lead Bank as a community partner in this effort, a bank that understands the needs of small and midsize businesses,” said Geoff Stricker, Managing Director at Edgemoor Infrastructure and Real Estate.  As a leader amongst community banks, one that continuously creates and supports various small business initiatives, Lead Bank is excited about this strategic partnership as it aligns with their “Grow Home” mission of supporting and helping sustain area Kansas City businesses. Greg Bynum, President of Lead Bank, explained: “The Bank’s For Change Initiative, a one-of-a-kind partnership we helped create with the City of Kansas City, Missouri has over the last two years, provided more than $12 million in affordable financing for minority- and women-led businesses. Because of our relationships with these minority and disadvantaged businesses, and expertise in operating and advancing the FCI Program, Lead Bank is a perfect match. We're excited to play a significant role in the construction of our new airport."  “Lead Bank has built a track record of success helping small contractors accomplish big things in Kansas City as part of the For Change Initiative. With such proven experience and vision, it’s no surprise that Edgemoor has chosen Lead Bank to help WBE’s, MBE’s and DBE’s acquire the critical financing that will enable them to assist in building the next chapter of Kansas City’s future, the new KCI single terminal airport, ” said Mayor Sly James, Kansas City, Missouri.  Bynum continued, "This is an exclusive opportunity to deliver affordable financing to women, minority and disadvantaged businesses, a first of its kind. As we continue to work towards creating an inclusive and diverse business community, powered by the next generation of leaders, we will now be able to do it with a world-class airport." About Lead BankFor 90 years, Lead Bank has been a strong, independent commercial bank dedicated to being at the heart of the success of its communities. The Bank delivers innovative and responsive financial solutions for business owners, managers and their families and communities. With locations in Garden City, Lee’s Summit and the Kansas City Crossroads, Lead Bank provides treasury management, lending services, and personal client products. Lead Bank has been named a 2018 Champion of Business by the Kansas City Business Journal and one of the Top Ten Small Businesses of the Year by the Kansas City Chamber in 2016 and 2018. In 2018, the Bank’s CEO, Josh Rowland, was named one of the nation’s Top Ten Most Innovative CEOs of the Year by INVFintech. For additional information, call (816) 220.8600 or visit About Edgemoor Infrastructure and Real EstateA leader in the development, financing, and operations of public buildings, infrastructure, and commercial real estate, Edgemoor Infrastructure & Real Estate has delivered (or has under construction) more than $2 billion of public-private partnerships (P3s) nationally, including the KU Central District Development project in Lawrence, KS; the Long Beach Courthouse and Long Beach Civic Center projects in Long Beach, CA; and the University of California, San Francisco Sandler Neuroscience Center. In 2017, Edgemoor was selected by the City of Kansas City, Missouri, to lead the development, design, financing, and construction of a new single terminal at Kansas City International Airport.  

These 7 Reston Restaurants Are Open For Thanksgiving

If you don't want to cook this Thanksgiving, you can take the whole family to these local restaurants instead on Nov. 23.

Lead Bank's For Change Initiative helps local small businesses

The For Change Initiative is a program designed to help local small businesses gain access to banking and financial services.

Two James Beard Award Winning Chefs join forces for a Tasty Cause

Two James Beard Award Winning Chefs join forces for a Tasty Cause. Lachlan Patterson, Pizzeria Locale owner, and Colby Garrelts, owner of rye and Bluestem, have joined forces to help support the Children Protection Center through a tasty collaboration: BBQ chicken pizza.