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Modernize Your PR: How a Better Brand Portfolio Conquers Social Media Fragmentation

PR in 2018 is about more that copy and contacts. It takes a great brand with genuine authenticity to #standout.

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Artisan Doughnuts, Coffee and Cocktails Help Kansas City’s Doughnut Lounge #Standout in a Sea of…

The first time we saw that antlered doughnut hit the feed of Pitchengine, we were intrigued. Good design is paramount to garnering…

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The message is mainstream: PR wires have seen their day

I’ve been beating this drum for 10 years now and I gotta say, it’s encouraging to see Entrepreneur Magazine explain what a mess the PR…

Are you wasting time using a blog for your newsrooms and press pages?

You’re not alone. In fact, until now, that’s what most people did. There simply wasn’t an easier way to share news and PR coverage to your…

Standout With Our New Suite Of Innovative Tools For Brands

You’re working. You don’t have time to dive into new products often, especially when it’s 6 new products like we launched last week!

Pitchengine Launches Student Program; Free PR Toolkit Access for Schools and University Comms Programs #PitchEd

Pitchengine, makers of pioneering new tools for communications and PR professionals worldwide, are bringing their PR Toolkit to students everywhere through a new "Pitch Ed" Program developed for educators and students alike."We've always supported communications programs informally through the years, but this program is designed to make it easy on educators who want to incorporate more modern methods of digital PR into their curriculum," explained Jason Kintzler, Pitchengine's Founder and CEO.Because students are able to incorporate video and other multimedia elements into a tool like Smart Pitch, educators can teach them how to shoot video, capture gifs, and other things that traditional PR curriculum just don't inspire."We've been encouraged by how many graduates we see bringing Pitchengine with them into their first jobs at agencies or in-house at corporations," said Kintzler.According to Kintzler, students are going to get a glimpse of tools that just don't exist yet at every organization on the planet. That should give them a leg-up on more traditionally trained PR and communications grads."It is exciting to have the opportunity that we are able to get a look into the future of our field." — Jenna, Marquette UniversityPitchengine, which launched in 2008, created the original Social Media Release software that propelled the industry into a new era of digital PR. Since then, Pitchengine has been used by brands like Walmart, Budweiser, Zappos and 50,000 others worldwide to create and share engaging content with journalists, influencers and customers.Colleges and Universities including USC, Oregon, Auburn, Kent State, Marquette, Wyoming and many more have all incorporated Pitchengine into their classrooms in recent years.To learn more about #PitchEd or to add it to your University's PR or Comms curriculum, drop us an email at

Pitchengine #Standout and Nashville Upstart, Ian Munsick

Like Pitchengine, Ian Munsick was born and raised in Wyoming. But, that’s not why we’re so into this one-of-a-kind talent. It’s because…

Cure for the common Word doc – Engine Room – Medium

Word docs getting you down? We invented Compressor to help modernize communications flow for people who still deal in docs.

“Assets” is the perfect utility for content-savvy PR pros.

Assets, one of five new products coming this later this summer from Pitchengine, is all about simplifying the brand asset process for PR…

Set up your profile with just an email – Engine Room – Medium

Everything is easier with Tiny Pitch, like creating a profile, for example! Simply send an email to with your name in the…